Want to fly? Check. Want to experience an adventure like no other? Check. Want to make all of your friends jealous of your awesomeness? Check-Check. With a skydive at Baltimore Skydiving, you’ll take part in an extreme sport like no other. Ready to be the coolest person you know? Let's Go!

If you've really wanted to try skydiving, however weren't positive where to start, tandem skydiving is right for you! Baltimore, Maryland is the best spot to experience tandem skydiving for the very first time. Join the ranks of proud skydiving challengers! The 1st step will be harnessing to your certified tandem skydiving instructor or "Tandem Master." Your freefall instructor will guide you through the entire tandem skydive, from exit to freefall, guiding the canopy, and landing securely back on the Maryland soil below. You will only need minimal training as a student jumper before making your first skydiving experience.

Imagine the unbeatable rush of flying in a small airplane to altitudes of somewhere between ten and fourteen thousand feet, jumping from the plane, then experiencing the excitement of up to 60 seconds of freefall - all while securely harnessed to a licensed, experienced tandem skydiving instructor. Count on coming to the skydiving center at least an hour ahead of your scheduled skydive to allow plenty of time for your pre-jump instruction and photos. Once you've completed your safety training and you've suited up in a specially-designed jumpsuit, you'll board the airplane along with your coach, and between 2-8 other skydivers. If you're seeking an adrenaline-filled adventure in Baltimore, Maryland, why not explore tandem skydiving?

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