What is the age limit for skydiving in Baltimore?

When you come in, we'll have you authorize a couple of papers as an official waiver. You'll need to be at the very least 18 years old to sign this legally binding agreement, which is mandatory when skydiving in Baltimore. This requirement is not only implemented when skydiving in Baltimore, Maryland, it is also mandatory throughout the Country.

What exactly can you expect to pay for skydiving jumps?

Tandem skydiving is the cheapest option for anybody in Baltimore looking to skydive.The Accelerated free fall price is dependent on which level you are reserving. Pricing tends to change based on the price of fuel and based on the current season. For current costs, please call and a representative can further assist you.

Is there a way to record the skydiving jump?

You can always remember your adventure from the moment you board the plane to the jump when you invest in a Baltimore Skydiving video package. We'll film a short video interview with you right before you get aboard and on the airplane ride to the jump location. Then, the videographer dives with you to allow them to record the whole skydiving adventure. To record those last minutes of landing, the videographer will land first.

Are video cameras permitted?

We recommend that you do bring along your own camera to use while you are on the ground and for your relatives to use while they are viewing you. You can not, though, bring your own camera on board the plane or record your skydiving jump yourself.

What height and speed will the airplane get to for the skydive?

Strong wind, weather, and other elements play a role here. Most of the time, tandem skydives happen at a maximum height of 14,000 feet. Once you exit the plane and are freefalling, you can anticipate to fall at a pace of 120 miles per hour!

Could all of my friends skydive all at once?

Don't stress, we'll do our best to keep your party together.You may be able to jump together, but consider a couple of factors first. It is important to know that there is a quick delay in between skydivers out of the plane, which means that you might not have the chance to freefall or canopy ride down together. A number of our jumpers choose to go on separate loads so they can watch their loved ones freefall and then land on the ground.

What if a friend or family member does not want to jump?

You are more than welcome to bring family and friends to watch your skydiving adventure. They can stay on the ground and watch the entire skydiving experience from the viewing area. Non-jumpers are not permitted on the plane at any time.